Lots of letters

Video Artist: Laboratory Of Poetic Actionism
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 53 sec


Spatial composition in the forest. Performance documentation.

Laboratory Of Poetic Actionism

The Laboratory of Poetic Actionism is a working Association of poets, artists and philosophers. At the moment, the Laboratory consists of Pavel Arsenyev, Dina Gatina and Roman Osminkin, but at different stages and in different forms, members of Verkhotura and Affinity group, Sonya Akimov, Ksenia Sorokina and others took part in its work.

Within the framework of the Laboratory, a number of direct street actions, transformations of the urban environment (both spatial actions and spatial compositions), interventions in various closed spaces (such as a gallery, supermarket) and performances were developed and implemented. Also, Laboratory participants regularly participate in street readings organized in conjunction with various self-organized initiatives.