What Hides the Voice

Video Artist: Maxim Svishev
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 1 min 9 sec
Video Specifications:


Sound by Andrey Svibovitch

The artwork was created empirically. There was a mistake during the voice recording, which caused a distortion of the sound file. As a result, interesting videos and distortions were created. After that, we started experimenting with voice recording.

«Human voice hides not only something that we call speech, but also, in a hidden form, sounds, colors, and palettes that surround us. This installation is an attempt to demonstrate it visually through the lens of an abstract audiovisual form, created by means of programming and interaction of image and sound».

Maxim Svishev

Maxim Svishiov meda artist, sculptor, curator, he was born in 1982 in Leningrad.

Maxim Svishёv is an artist from Russia, whose creative activity is related with computer graphic and animation. The works are kind of gameplay with space that turns out to be a window into a new reality created by mix of video content, volume and sound. Maxim finds his own patterns and icons and uses creative technologies to implement his ideas. His artworks were presented in different exhibition projects all over the world: New York, Blois, Torino, Sao-Paulo, Berlin, Seoul, Venice, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev and Perm. He is the winner of Sergey Kuryokhin's prize, the nominated artist for "Innovation" prize award and owns a special prize of the French Embassy - the "Innovation" award. Lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia.