Video Artist: Philipp Dontsov
Country: Year: Duration: 1 min 40 sec


 Like a pearl necklace or a serpent from ancient times, the umbilical cord of relationships coils in an infant’s hands. Its presence, tension or absence determines the values of a restricted world, one fenced of by the scope of our understanding.
  Like George, he struggles with it, like Persephone he doesn’t let go of it, like a monk he recounts its members, feeling things that should not be touched.
  A bond is a duration, extent or shortness that implies a breach. Strength and plurality nurture one another, condemning each other to be finite and utterly expended.
  A child is a likeness or a parody, a crooked mirror or a wonderful gift, a temptation or a punishment.
  This set questions permeates the un-answerability of every living being. But while we try to pose them, ask them of ourselves, we can still discover hidden strengths not just to answer them but in order to live.

Philipp Dontsov

1972 - Born in St Petersburg
1994 - Graduated from the Academy of Art and Design, St Petersburg

2006  - Movifest, curator and organizer of festival for mobile video, House of cinema, St Petersburg.
His works are in the collections of Victoria & Albert Museum (London), The State Tretyakovskaya Gallery (Moscow), The State Russian Museum (St Petersburg), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Moscow).