Video Artist: Dimitri Lurie
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 3 min 38 sec


Lurie depicts his own private landscape on Super8 film and then transcribes the imprinted lit images within the prism of his memories and sensations. Here the black and white, urban, dreamlike scenes from the flatland of St.Peterburg and Kronstadt – the old Russia’s marine fort – refract into subdued colors of the pristine mountain terrain of Northern Norway. Thus, Refraction reflects the perception of the two realities, the artist lives between.

Dimitri Lurie

Dimitri (Dodo) Lurie (born in Leningrad, 1970) - film and video artist, director and photographer, curator of short film festivals.
Lurie is a representative of the Europe's art film community and has a particular poetic voice. His credo is to experiment with a visual nature of film and its atmosphere rather a direct storytelling. He has made more then twenty documentaries and short films along with various art projects. Lurie’s works were presented at various film festivals and art affairs worldwide and collected a number of awards. Several of  Dimitri Lurie's works are in collections of contemporary art  museums in Norway and Russia.