Surmatants - Mars Rising

Video Artist: Andrea Stanislav
Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 11 min 21 sec


Three channel composite 

Surmatants – Mars Rising is an elegiacally visceral response to the CV-19 pandemic, in three acts — grounded in the Sci-Fi genre and informed by Pittsburg’s Slavic immigrant labor history, and bubonic plague imagery of Bernt Notke’s Surmatans, painting (1633), of the dance macabre. Following an abstract narrative that weaves in tenants of Russian Cosmism, a transcendence is evoked through Jesse Gelaznik’s musical compositions, paired with renowned choreographer- Željko Jergan and John Harbist’s dances choreographies performed by the Tamburitzans. The narrative follows an ascent to Mars as a result of the dance, lead by a pale rider on a white horse disguised as a beguiling female Slavic dancer and accompanied by a chorus of female singers who transform into human Motanka dolls (a benevolent kind of Slavic voodoo doll — until the ribbons come off of the face). The third finds the dancers resurrected on Mars — transmitting a human resurrection on Mars from the future. Cosmism and transcendence are evoked through Jesse Gelaznik’s musical compositions, paired with dances by John Harbist and renowned choreographer Zeljko Jergan and performed by the Tamburitzans.


Andrea Stanislav

Stanislav (b. Chicago,1968) is based in New York City, Minneapolis and St. Petersburg. Her hybrid practice is an intersection of film, installation, sculpture, sound and public projects. She received an MFA from Alfred University, New York; and a BFA  from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Stanislav's work has been exhibited internationally in solo museum and gallery exhibitions, public commissions, and group exhibitions. She is the recipient of: the 2015/2016 Freund Fellowship, Washington University/St. Louis Art Museum; 2012 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artist Residency, NYC; and a 2010/2011 McKnight Artists Fellowship for Visual Arts. Her works belong to several international private and public collections. Andréa is an Associate Professor, Department of Art, at the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis.