The river will flow

Video Artist: Yanina Chernykh
Year: Duration: 3 min 44 sec


The narrator and at the same time the heroine of her own narration involves the viewer in her study of the space, half-mythical, half- real. The world (in which she finds herself) is the world of mountains, of their mysterious nature, living its own life, and at the same time a world where people have long lived. Heroine is not involved in local history and for the first time falling into this context, geographic and sociocultural. The first thing that she sees is how natural and man-made things are inherently close. The work of thought turns out to be similar to the work of human hands and, at the same time, to the work of natural forces that form the terrestrial relief.
But the time is absolutely special in the perception of the narrator.
Nizhny Arkhyz is a place where ancient and recent history communicate. Time does not flow here, but is displayed in symbols, examined as a physical and cultural phenomenon. The graphic embodiment of time becomes the road; stones that human hands put on each other; growing branches, they are nets; fog absorbing objects. There is no past, no future, no present – there is only the path that the narrator follows, but someone else could walk. Thus, the personal beginning disappears, and depersonalization blurs the end of history, just as the mountain road disappears in the fog.

The parts of the project are sculptures, graphics and animated films connected by a common plot. Films that run simultaneously on two screens show a different story, assembled from the same semantic elements, but at the same time penetrate into each other literally, graphically, and plot. Drawings and sculptures bring to the fore those symbols that constitute the bearing structures of the narrative, create a material framework for the intangible digital format.

Yanina Chernykh

Born in 1985 in Khabarovsk, USSR. Graduate of Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia), student of Rodchenko Art School of Photography and Multimedia (Moscow, Russia). Participant of special and parallel programs of the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (2014, 2016, 2018) and a special program of the VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2015). Chernykh has held solo exhibitions at Electrozavod Gallery in Moscow (2016), Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art (2017), 25Kadr Gallery in Moscow (2018). Participant of festivals, group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia.