The Sounds of the World

Video Artist: Francesc Martí
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The Sounds of the World is a tl audio-visual installation by Francesc Martí built on a network of Raspberry Pi computers and created from a series of Andrei Tarkovsky film clips.

The installation explores the concept of audio-visual sampling, in which real-world images and sounds – captured and digitized – are cut, mixed, manipulated, and reassembled in order to generate new audio-visual materials.

In particular, Francesc has been experimenting with how granular sound synthesis techniques and pseudorandom number generator algorithms – where a computer program produces seemingly random numbers – can be used for generating audio-visual creative works.

The name is taken from this quote by Andrei Tarkovsky, who wrote in ‘Sculpting in Time’: “I feel that the sounds of this world are so beautiful in themselves that if only we could learn to listen to them properly, cinema would have no need of music at all.” 

Francesc Martí

Francesc Martí is a mathematician, computer scientist, composer, sound and digital media artist born in Barcelona and currently living in the UK. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and two master’s degrees, one from the Pompeu Fabra University in Digital Arts, and the other in Free Software from the Open University of Catalonia. He also obtained a scholarship for furthering his studies in Music Technology at IRCAM (Paris). Simultaneously, he studied music at the Conservatory of Sabadell, where he obtained the Professional Title of Piano with honors.

As composer and video artist, his works have been performed or exhibited all over the world, including international festivals, events, and exhibitions. In 2001 he founded the experimental electronic music project RMSonce, with which has garnered many positive reviews.

In 2014 he starts his project “Granular synthesis video”, with which he has already participated in more than 40 exhibitions and concerts around the world, including China, Korea, Brazil, USA, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, UK, Scotland, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, and Italy.