Their Portraits

Video Artist: Alexandra Dementieva
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 11 min 45 sec


The work you are describing is an artistic collaboration between the artist and an AI application called Midjourney to create fictional alien beings that resemble tardigrades. These beings are sentient and interact with their environment in a unique way due to their Umwelt, which is their subjective sensory environment. As they inhabit a human environment, their experience is strange and highlights the importance of considering an organism’s unique perspective and subjective experience when studying behavior and ecology.

Alexandra Dementieva

Artist. Born in 1960 in Moscow, USSR. Studied journalism and fine arts in Moscow (USSR) and Brussels (Belgium). Her principal interest as an artist is the use of social psychology, perception theory and behaviorism in her installations as well as the development of film narration through the point of view of a subjective camera. She has been an active participant of the CYLAND Media Art Lab since 2008. Professor at the Royal Academy of Arts (Brussels, Belgium). Dementieva received the first prize for the best monochannel video at VAD Festival (Girona, Spain). She is a participant of numerous exhibitions in major Russian and international cultural institutions, including Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia), Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia), Centro de la Imagen (Mexico City, Mexico) and others. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.