They're all dead

Video Artist: Marisa Benito
Video Genre: , , Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 6 min 23 sec


The project aims to focus attention on the physical photographic medium versus the immaterial digital medium. It is about how the relationship with images has transformed since losing materiality and becoming volatile, perishable, and overabundant. Photography has become a means of communication; outdated, disposable, millions are generated every day, and we are drowning in an ocean of images.  

The use of animation and video post-production allows the artist to elaborate a discourse in space-time, to bring the photographs back to the present at a specific moment and duration. The aesthetic discourse revolves around the physical aspect of the support and its organic nature, which is why metaphors and visual and poetic games are articulated about the effects of the passage of time on matter and its degradation, disappearance or transformation. 


The video piece is available upi request.

Marisa Benito

Marisa Benito (Barcelona, 1974) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s Research Degree in Art. She lives and works in Córdoba, where she teaches Audiovisual Media at the “Mateo Inurria” School of Art. She combines her professional activity with audiovisual creation and photography. The aesthetics of her work are generated through images shaped by sensory experience, the imaginary and the memory, and photographic and cinematographic language.