To-do list

Video Artist: Nadezhda Bey
Video Genre: Participation in Video Programs: Country: Year: Duration: 2 min 35 sec


Sound: Vasya Filatova 


In the ‘To-do list’ project, Nadezhda experiments with the “VR space as an art object” format. This is a variation on installation, created entirely in digital form and therefore allows the viewer to exist in it differently than in the physical world. What people experience in a physical space is a mental construct. And the digital space in this context is a continuation of the mental space. What, can the environment of their thoughts and experience — turned into a virtual place — tell us about the experience of another? Is it possible to find a way to communicate with another in the space of one’s perception of reality? 


The project mixes the physical with the mental and sensory experience, creating a tangled digital architecture that the viewer can immerse themselves in with VR equipment and try to step into the artist’s shoes, in her experience.  

Nadezhda Bey

Nadezhda Bey is a VR artist and performer, as well as a professor in the Art & Science program at ITMO University. She teaches disciplines related to digital art and virtual worlds. Since 2021, Nadezhda has been developing the InterActive Virtual Reality Laboratory. She has participated in international exhibitions and festivals of contemporary technological art and was awarded the ASTA Prize in the VR/AR category. She was nominated for the Kuryokhin–2022 Award in two categories: "Grand Prix'' and "Best Media Object." She frequently speaks as a speaker and expert on topics related to art, creative education, and new technologies.