Vade Ultra

Video Artist: Carlosmagno Rodrigues
Video Genre: Country: Year: Duration: 10 min 0 sec


“Vade Ultra” is a film that explores perspectives on filming practices, whether horizontal or vertical. The latter method is suggested as a predominantly popular form of creative cinema. Cultural phenomena can redefine images, which may carry benevolent or belligerent connotations. We navigate through acts and darkness, groping in the shadows as we attempt to re-establish ourselves by reinterpreting icons and cultural production modes. Whether the cinema is presented vertically or horizontally is of little importance. What truly matters is the reinvention of something that can be deemed new, which requires detoxifying ourselves from our own behaviors. The creative process is intertwined with both mistakes and successes. Everything is uncertain, transient, and risky. Iconoclasts and other formalisms often remain ambiguous. An Indigenous Santa Maria serves as a guerrilla invention, resisting the oppressive governmental regime. The women in “Vade Ultra” poetically oscillate between nihilism and hopelessness, where the camera serves as their weapon, creating an imaginary world that includes both horizontalists and verticalists, amidst formalism and iconoclasm.

Originally conceived as a triptych, this version is presented as a single channel film.

Carlosmagno Rodrigues

Graduated in Animation Arts and Cinema from the School of Fine Arts (UFMG) 1996-1999. 

Charlemagne is the author of films and videos. Since 1995, he has created and participated in cinema and electronic art events, having been cited in academic articles, journals and books. Between 2018 and 2021, he was curator of the BH festival: TIMELINE International Video Art Festival (Belo Horizonte – SESC Palladium – MG). In 2020, he was invited to join the official jury of Videoformes 2020 (Clermont-Ferrand, France). Currently, he mentors young filmmakers studying electronic images.