Eros Arrow

Video Artist: Engineers of Arts
Country: Year: Duration: 13 min 19 sec


Music by Sergey Kuryokhin

Film was made by: Inal Savchenkov, Franz Rodwalt, Sergey Enkov, Grigory Strelnikov, Olga Maslova, Valentina Nesterova, Boris Timkovsky

Animation from a full-length film. The plot revolves around the story of a musician and confrontationbetween classical jazz and alternative music. Sergey Kuryokhin asked the artists to make this film and organized the shooting at Lenfilm studio. It was a professional 35mm film, however, it was left unfinished due to the lack of funding. The music is based on “Opera for the rich”. Music activates the objects that start moving chaotically and fighting. The artists create masterly collages by means of application and animate them.


Engineers of Arts

Inal Savchenkov - a former member of the legendary “New Artists” group and Franz Rodwalt sculptor, graduated from the State Academy of Art & Design (named after A.Stieglitz), Gregory Strelnikov and Sergey Enkov— were aiming to solve such complicated aesthetic problems as converting any art-nonrelated information into a piece of art. By aligning Leningrad Neo-Expressionist stylistics with the new techniques, and thus synthesizing different forms of art, these authors have created a new artistic language. They collaborated with the “Kino” rock band, created animations and videos for “New Composers” and Sergey Kuryokhin.