Science Art project

Video Artist: Maria Kuptsova
Country: Year: Duration: 3 min 54 sec


ARBOR is a cyborganic living entity grown through bio-artificial means using technology. It is a regenerative system in which the entire organism is alive, and the concept of life encompasses both biological and technological forms. The project offers an approach to extracting the intelligence of organic wood structures and reimagining their life cycle as a bio-artificial system that is alive in a cybernetic sense. 

The project proposes a method of capturing the diverse properties possessed by a living tree using machine learning algorithms to embed its logic into a digital form. This method enables the creation of hybrid materiality that contains biological intelligence within a digital structure.


Maria Kuptsova

Maria Kuptsova is a transdisciplinary artist, architect, researcher and educator exploring smart technologies, synthetic cognition and new aesthetics in her practice. Her current research questions the role of artificial and natural influences in the creative process, seeking to formulate biomachine design methods based on synthetic forms of intelligence. Maria is a researcher at the Synthetic Landscapes Laboratory at the Institute of Urban Design of the University of Innsbruck. She is the curator of the “Technological Art: Towards a New Intelligence” specialty at ITMO University Art & Science, the head of the “Innovative Design” specialization at ITMOTECH, as well as an artist and curator of the art initiative – Digitocene.Net.