«Chaos and Cosmos» video program short list announced

Over 130 applications were received for the open international competition from artists and groups from Brazil, Finland, Israel, France, Australia, the USA, the UK, Norway, Luxembourg, Argentina, Columbia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Russia and other countries.

Digital video works accepted for the competition ranged from web-based, generative art and GIF to augmented reality, VR, AI, 3D modeling and neural network art.

Competition concept

The open competition was announced by CYLAND media lab in April 2020. The projects that made the short and long list will be shown at Cyfest-13, which will be held in St Petersburg, Russia, in the first quarter of 2021.

Video program curator – Viсtoria Ilyushkina.

CYLAND Media Lab would like to announce and congratulate the winners that made the shortlist of the video competition.

First prize

shared between two applicants – 500 + 500 USD

Francesca Fini (Italy), /S)CONFINAMENTO — first chapter, 2020

Francesca Fini (Italy), _S)CONFINAMENTO — first chapter, 2020 (1) (converted)

Francesca Fini created the performance project /S)CONFINAMENTO to show the city of Rome where life came to a halt under quarantine, by broadcasting the signal from security cameras. In the silent emptiness, these short fleeting lives, these lonely adventures in the closed city are narrative elements of an antiutopian story. With the software she developed, the artist transforms the tiniest movements into a unique sound performance and graphic visualization, and returns this digital stream to the web. 

Aristarkh Chernyshev (Russia), Dystopia #02, 2018

Aristarkh Chernyshev (Russia), Dystopia #02, 2018 (1)

Dystopia #02 is a critical project about the radical shift of concepts of consumption and post-consumption in modern society. The anti-aesthetics of garbage dumps and eternal urban renovations enter our lives and become part of everyday reality. This creates a feeling of apocalyptic “eternal timelessness”.

Second prize — 500 USD

Boris Shershenkov (Russia), Etheroforming, 2020

Boris Shershenkov (Russia), Etheroforming, 2020 (1) (converted)

VR documentation of an experiment to discover the human impact on the etheric force, continuing the experiments by Thomas Edison. Test generators of pure signals are transmitted to a channel that contains the imprint of a historical layer of media.

Third prize — 500 USD

Fay Heady (Japan), OTAKU BOI, 2019

Fay Heady (Japan), OTAKU BOI, 2019 (1)

Otaku Boi is the chaos of a gamer’s life who migrates between the real and virtual worlds, conveyed by a synthesis of performance, computer chiptune music, animation and scenography.

Special prize — 250 USD

TONOPTIK (Yuriy Tolstoguzov, Alex Inkov) (Russia), ZEN, 2019

TONOPTIK (Yuriy Tolstoguzov, Alex Inkov) (Russia), ZEN, 2019 (1)

In this work, the Tonoptik group develops the idea of Nam June Paik and his work “Zen for film” (1962). The artists studied emptiness using tools of minimalism, comparing the perfection of mathematical objects and the imperfection of their analogous 3-D generation and perception by humans. 

On-line catalogue of the XI Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award


The organizers of the XI Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award have published an online catalogue. It is available on the official website of the Sergey Kuryokhin Art Center. The electronic catalogue contains projects included in the long list of the Award, as well as videos, texts and detailed photo documentation.

“Every issue of the printed catalogue is timed with the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award-giving Ceremony. Printed catalogue fulfils important for Award team educational function: not only to present projects from the long-list, but to trace behind them a history of changing and becoming. Throughout more than a decade long history of the Award there were 10 printed issues of the catalogue — each and every one of them being a cut of emerging contemporary art, eagerly sought both by artist and professional audience.”

«The Lookout» festival curated by Elena Gubanova, CYLAND Media Art Lab artist and curator, was included in the long list of the Kuryokhin Award in the «Best curatorial project» category. Among the project participants were artists, curators, and engineers of CYLAND Media Art Lab — Anna Frants, Victoria Ilyushkina, Sergey Komarov & Alexey Grachev, Marina Alexeeva, Ivan Govorkov, Natalia Lyakh, Sid Iandovka, and others. 

In addition to Elena Gubanova, this year’s nominees for the Kuryokhin Prize are CYLAND Media Art Lab artist Lyudmila Belova and participants of the Cyfest International Media Art Festival Alexandra Lerman, Vladimir Abikh, and Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov. 

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