CYLAND Announces artworks to be included in CYFEST-12: ID program in St. Petersburg

We would like to thank every artist for their submission to CYFEST-12’s VR projects program! CYFEST-12 team is glad to announce and congratulate artists whose works will be shown at the festival’s exhibitions:

  • Marina Blinova
  • Sandrine Deumier
  • Aizek (a. k. a. Misha Anoshenko) and Alg
  • Martin Reinhart & Virgil Widrich
  • Malitzin Cortes
  • Polina Zinziver
  • Marc Lee
  • Angelina Voskopoulou
  • Quentin Lengele
  • Nikita Shokhov & Anna Evtiugina

Sandrine Deumier (France), Falling

Sandrine Deumier (France), Falling

More than 60 artists from 12 countries will participate at CYFEST 12. Those include world-renowned Italian experimental collective MASBEDO; the Lumen Prize recipient, pioneer in the field of generative art Mario Klingemann; independent artist and cinema researcher from Switzerland Max Philipp Schmid; multidisciplinary architect-designer Eduard Khaiman; House of Electronic Arts Basel curator Boris Magrini; Japanese artist, prestigious Prix Ars Electronica winner Nelo Akamatsu; American composer and pioneer in the use of neurofeedback and compositional algorithms in arts David Rosenboom; composer, the Golden Mask Prize laureate Vladimir Rannev, among many others.

Saint Petersburg CYFEST will engage seven largest city’s art spaces, including Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, Annenkirche (Lutheran Church of Saint Ann), the State Hermitage Youth Educational Center, the Time Travel Centre COD, Marina Gisich Gallery, a newly opened Luda Gallery, and Changing Room Gallery (Xassa-Nivet- Carzon Project).

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