CYLAND Presents Video Program at the Festival in St. Petersburg

June 22nd, CYLAND MediaArtLab Video Archive presents a video program as part of the Kultorial sestival at the Sevkabel space in St. Petersburg. The video program presents works by Russian artists from the CYLAND Archive. In their works, video artists turn to various forms: from gif-art to public art and social-related problems. They use graphic design, archival photos and their body, documenting performances in the video medium. The videos selected for the problem have no audio in them.

Maxim Svishev Sonic Sculpture 1

Still from Sonic Sculpture, video by Maksim Svischev

Participating artists: Victoriya Ilyushkina, Alexander Borisov, Ivan Tuzov, Alena Tereshko, Denis Patrakeev and Maksim Svischev.

More information on the Kultorial event: