One On One

Marcantonio Lunardi, 45th day, Pandemic Era, 2020
Time has become chaotic in quarantine, sometimes terribly fast, sometimes desperately slow. Time that is both full and empty: human relationships, emergency, sorrow, loneliness, uncertainty, neuroses, restrictions and loss. Sometimes I feel like an animal that will gnaw its leg off to escape from a trap. We are in, we are out; it’s better, it’s worse; it’s death, it’s rebirth. We don’t know, we don’t really know anything. We have gone back to being vulnerable, everything is still confused, everything still to be explored. I no longer recognize myself, I am different from the way I was here, and I am no longer how I was before. Who knows if I will be like that again. Maybe it was just an intermission or maybe I still have to figure out who I have become in this new Pandemic Era. —text by Ilaria Sabbatini


A few months ago, the outbreak of COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and today organizers of cultural events around the world are forced to postpone or cancel events that have invested enormous effort and time. To contain the epidemic and protect others from the virus, many of us work at home or in workshops.  

“In order to support those who are now deprived of the usual circle of communication, to understand and make visible what is happening in the art world under quarantine, we decided to launch the project “One on One”. We asked artists to make short videos about how they work in (self-)isolation, about their plans for the future, about what books they read, what they think. The aim of the project is to show solidarity with those who are under quarantine, to make visible the work that is currently taking place in artists’ studios around the world, to enable a wide audience to engage in the creative process, as well as to help people distract from the heavy information background.”

— Elena Gubanova, artist, CYLAND MediaArtLab Curator. 

Participants: Marcantonio Lunardi, ORLAN, Olesya Gonserovskaya, KOKHLIAS, SAO.STUDIO Project, Endless Attractions Museum, Nelo Akamatsu, Victoria Ilyushkina, Ivan Govorkov, Michael Zavialov, Ludmila Belova, Asya Dodina & Slava Polishchuk, Masha Godovannaya, Alena Tereshko, Natasha Zavialov, The Arendt Sisters, Arina Slobodianik. 

Watch One on One videos on our YouTube-channel.