The CYLAND Video Archive has been in operation since 2008. This is the first archive of this kind in Russia: all the works that are gathered in it are accessible for view in the internet. The archive’s basis was composed of video works of the artists who participated in Cyfest festivals that had been held by CYLAND Media Art Lab since 2007.


The video archive was conceived as a platform for networking and interaction of artists, computer programmers, videographers, engineers, art teachers and curators from various countries. Its main objectives are to become a vehicle for the exchange of professional information and to provide artists with an opportunity to promote their works. The collection of CYLAND Media Art Lab includes video art, experimental films, computer graphics, 3D animation, stop-motion animation, poetic video, video documentation of art and education projects in the field of cutting-edge technologies. Currently, the collection comprises over 400 videos by approximately 100 artistsand art groups from Russia as well as 30 artists from other countries. Exhibitions and screenings of programs from CYLAND Video Archive have been held in Great Britain, France, Brazil, Turkey, America, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Eastern Europe.


Currently, due the collection’s growth and the rapid development of technologies, the archive uses the platform Ascribe for the storage and demonstration of video works. This platform allows to register the digital copyright and to store files for an unlimited number of years. The archive consists of two parts: the first is the work on the site with an open access, and the second is the data base for professionals and curators that is accessible at a special request.